We knew that land once, You and I, and once wandered there in the long days now gone by...

There was neither night nor day, an ever~eve of glooming light, when first there glimmered into sight The Cottage Of Lost Play. New~built it was, yet very old, white and thatched with straw of gold, and pierced with peeping lattices that looked toward the sea; and our own childrens' garden~plots were there; our own forget~me~nots, red daisies, cress and mustard, and radishes for tea. There all the borders, trimmed with box, were filled with favourite flowers, with phlox, with lupins, pinks, and hollyhocks, beneath a red may~tree; and all the gardens full of folk that their own little language spoke, but not to You and Me. ~ J. R. R. Tolkien

Monday, April 19, 2010

The sweet, simple things of life...

forget-me-not bouquet from the garden fairies = happiness :)

May you find sweet & simple things that make YOU happy ~*~*~*~*

Thank you Paula for the inspiration from the sweet quote you shared with me
The beautiful background, a precious heart from sweetie Carola
Feather from sweetie Firuzan

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In the garden the most curious flowers were to be seen,

and on the most beautiful, little silver bells were fastened, which kept on tinkling, in order that no one might pass by without remarking on the flowers...

Thank you for dropping in!

Wishing you Spring Bliss ~*~*~*~*